Mona Lisa perhaps is the most famous portrait painting in the art history. When we appreciate this masterpiece, sometimes we may envy Mona Lisa can be a part of art. We are the witness of the extreme popularity of portrait paintings in the art industry. The reason is that many people want to have their own masterpiece for their home. Way back in the past, only the higher class family can afford to have their own portrait painting. And the process of creating a portrait painting is not so convenient as they have to pose for several hours. But now, thanks to the development of photography and photo to oil painting studios and galleries, you can have your portrait paintings very easily at inexpensive price.

Importance of Portrait Paintings:

Many people may think that digital photo is the best way to capture a moment. But they doesn’t realize that photos will fade away with the course of time. Instead, a portrait painting can last for very long period of time.Mona Lisa painting has hundreads of history now. The importance of these paintings can be felt only by those people who strive to preserve their memories.

Uses of Portrait Paintings:

Custom portrait from photo is also a great idea for decorating home. Since the durable of portrait paintings, they are used as wall hanging in many houses. Portrait paintings can also be used as gifts to complement your friends and relatives on their special occasions. Believe it or not, these paintings can remind your close ones about your existence whenever they look at it. Sometimes, people collect art works done by famous portrayers as part of their activities. The fun that you can have when collecting these historical artifacts is comparable to an endless sea.